Mermaid Tank

Tank Hire

Hire A Mermaid UK has an exhaustive list of the UK’s water tanks for hire, so you can compare available tanks and prices, helping you to decide which is best for your event!
Real life mermaids and underwater performances give any event the WOW factor – perfect for festivals, theme parks, VIP events and so much more.
Bring joy to children and adults alike by having a swimming underwater mermaid for your guests to interact with, or go all out and opt for one of our breathtaking shows involving pirates, acrobatics and intriguing story lines.
Every performance is specifically catered towards your theme and budget – so get in touch to discuss your needs, and get ready to take your event to the next level!
Hire price for each tank depends on availability and travel costs as well as other factors, so please get in touch for a quote.
Two mermaids swimming inside a tank

The Pond

One of our company goals has always been to bring unique and magical entertainment to everyone, including those with a small budget and/or little space – we believe The Pond covers both of those needs perfectly.

At 2m diameter and 1.2m tall, you get the ‘tank’ experience at a fraction of the price. Perfect for parties and small festivals The Pond is decorated like a stunning mermaid lagoon and your guests can marvel at the mermaids through one of the 3 surrounding the windows or reach up and give the mermaid a soggy high five!

The Fantasy

Technically smaller than The Pond listed above,  but due to the unique stilt design this tank is far taller! Great for small spaces that still predict big crowds, as the height allows for the mermaid to be seen by larger audiences – even in smaller spaces!

The tank has 2 main set up options, the ‘naked’ tank as seen here or with a solid outer shell to give the more traditional ‘tank’ look – both options can be decorated to suit your theme. Once set this tank is 3m wide and 1.75m tall.

Fantasy Tank

The Cube

A solid tank capable of fitting up to three mermaids, this option is great if you’ve got a bigger budget but lack a huge amount of floor space.

This tank is the tallest we provide at a huge 2.5m tall and is also 3m wide

The Grand Tank

Go BIG or go home right? Our most impressive tank at a whopping 6m long and 2m tall; this monster can house up to 5 mermaids at once and showcase our most spectacular underwater shows! Due to the transport and set up costs this does require a bigger budget but it is so worth it for the pure impact it will have on your guests.