Mermaid Liane

Eye Colour: Green/Blue

Hair Colour/Length: Brown/Blonde Mix – Long

Number of tails and main colours: 1 x Orange 1 x Blue 

Favourite Film: Splash/The Little Mermaid/The Never Ending Story

Favourite Colour: Aqua Marine

3 words you would use to describe yourself? Dedicated, Compassionate & Witty

Singer? No

Swimmer? Yes (AIDA** & Open water Maermaid Specialist**)

A little bit about Liane:

Ever since she was a little girl Liane has been captivated by the ocean and all the wonderful animals that call it home. She has dedicated her studies and career in the care and preservation of marine life al over the world. As a qualified Marine Mammel Medic, Liane receives call outs to assist with animals in distress. Liane has grown up immersed in a world of Disney and fairy tales and since being inspired by the likes of The Little Mermaid and Splash – she has made it her misson to one day make that fantasy a reality and prove that “dreams that you dare to dream, really can come true”.