Mermaid Eve

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour / length: long auburn/orange also have a long white wig or long red wig

Number of tails/ main colours: 1 blue silicone and 1 blue fabric

Favourite film: The Great Gatsby (and anything else with leonardo dicaprio in)

Favourite colour: Changes with my mood

3 words to describe yourself: Thoughtful, wise  and protective 

Singer: No

Swimmer: Yes (AIDA**)

A little bit about you:

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean and have grown up with a fascination for mermaids. Jaws caused a slight blip for me but surpassed the fear of the deep and hope that with my continued training with freediving one day I’ll be swimming alongside dolphins and even hopefully sharks.

Whilst landlocked I do what I can to raise awareness about plastic pollution and participate in beach cleans every month to ensure that one day our beaches and oceans will again be free of plastic and flourishing.

Photos curtesy of Paul Dale Photography

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