Hannah Pearl

Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour/Length: shoulder length blonde – I also have red wig!
Number of tails and main colours: 1 x purple and 1 x red
Favourite Film: The Little Mermaid
Favourite Colour: Turquoise
3 words you would use to describe yourself?
Kind, funny & sunny

Singer? No

A little bit about you:

I’ve had a love of the ocean from a very young age. I grew up in Borneo until I was 5 and learnt to swim at 3! I spent all my time on the beach & in the sea.

When I’m not in my tail swimming in the ocean with dolphins & whale sharks,  I love nothing more than to spending hours combing the beaches!

I’m passionate about conservation and always attend regular beach cleans and always recycle!

I love to teach people about the wonderful world of mermaids and how beautiful, power & life providing the ocean is to us.

Photos curtesy of Paul Dale Photography